CUA student meets professional career counselor

As a member of the Catholic University family, you will not face the job market alone. Whether you’re looking for a summer job, an internship, or a full-time position in the career path you have chosen, our Office of Career Services and our active alumni network stand beside you.

Our trained professional career counselors are ready to help you get on track toward your career goals from the first day you set foot on campus. They will help you start working on your four-year plan to ensure that your coursework, extracurricular activities, job-search materials, internships, and your network of Cardinal connections will open doors to a successful career for you.

You will benefit greatly by following in the footsteps of Catholic University graduates who have gone before you into the job market. Every year more and more employers are learning that there is something extraordinary about Catholic University graduates. Not only do they possess advanced knowledge and skills gained from our rigorous academic programs, but they also bring with them a highly developed sense of ethics and a kind of moral leadership that many employers are looking for.

Find out how the Office of Career Services can help you live out your immense potential and thrive in every aspect of your professional future.