As part of the enrollment process, Washington, D.C. requires all students under the age of 26 to submit documentation of their immunizations. Catholic University is in compliance with this law. All students under the age of 26 must submit these records. If you are 26 years of age or older, you do not need to submit immunization documentation. Below you will find instructions for submitting this information as well as links detailing exactly which immunizations are required.

Next Steps

  • Setup your Student Health Portal by clicking here.
  • Submit all required immunization documentation through the Student Health Portal by July 1
  • Submitting this information is a two part process
  • How to Submit: Part 1

    Enter Vaccination Dates into the Student Health Portal

    • Log into the Student Health Portal
      • If you haven't logged in yet, click Register below the login button to sign up
    • Click on the “My Forms” tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen
    • Select “Immunization History for Portal” in the drop down list
    • Using the copy of your vaccine record from your healthcare provider, enter the dates of your vaccines into the corresponding blank spaces in the Immunization History form (ex. enter the dates from your MMR vaccine into the MMR spaces provided)
    • After entering ALL dates, click the green SUBMIT at the bottom of the form

    DO NOT submit this information without making sure you have entered all the required immunizations and that the dates are correct.

  • How to Submit: Part 2

    Upload the Vaccine Record You Used to Input Dates into the  Student Health Portal 

    You must submit a vaccine record that supports the dates and vaccines that you have entered into the Immunization History Form. This record should be obtained from your healthcare provider. It needs to be legible and in English.

    • Log into the Student Health Portal Click the “Document Upload” tab in the toolbar
    • Select “Immunizations” in the drop down list
    • Upload your personal vaccine document.

    Please Note: We do NOT need an annual physical exam, all of your medical records from birth or your athletic physical. We only need your vaccine record uploaded. 

  • Important Reminders

    • Your information MUST be submitted through our Student Health Portal. (this is not the same as Cardinal Station)
    • A complete list of required immunizations can be found here
    • Please do not email or fax records directly to our office as they will not be entered.
    • It is your responsibility to make sure you have followed the instructions listed below, entered all the information correctly and have received all the required immunizations.
    • Student Health Services will not be sending emails to let you know what is missing.
    • Please review the requirements, obtain your vaccine record and if needed, review all of this with your health care provider.