Students who do not wish to pursue a full degree but instead want to take one or more courses independently, or apply to a program required for a certificate (either for credit or as an auditor), can apply for admission as a non-degree student.

If you have not received a bachelor’s degree or higher, apply as an Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Student. Undergraduate non-degree seeking students may take up to nine credits, either concurrently or over time. If full acceptance to a bachelor’s degree program is later granted, these credits may be counted toward degree requirements.

If you have received a bachelor's degree or higher you will need to apply as a Graduate Non-Degree Seeking student.

All non-degree admission decisions are made on a rolling basis, and students are reviewed for admission by the faculty of the school to which they are applying. Applicants are then informed of their decision via regular mail sent from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Application Requirements

If you have any questions about applying as a non-degree seeking student, please feel free to contact the Office of Admission.