Reporting Concerning or Threatening Behavior

Any information/situation noting an imminent threat to one’s safety or the safety of others should be considered an Emergency. Examples:

  • Possession of a weapon (guns, knives, etc.)
  • Possession of a bomb or bomb-making materials
  • Physical assault or attempted physical assault (with or without weapons)
  • Explicit threats to inflict physical harm to one’s self or others

Report Emergencies to DPS:  (202) 319-5111

Any information/situation involving a threat of harm or alarming and/or disruptive behavior which is clearly not within the above-detailed “Emergency Situation” category should be reported as follows:

  • Student: If the behavior involves a current student, report to the Dean of Students, (202) 319-5619
  • Faculty: If the behavior involves a current faculty member, report to the Dean’s Office of the involved School and to Human Resources, (202) 319-5050.
  • Staff: If the behavior involves a current staff member, report to the Vice-President’s Office of the applicable division and to Human Resources, (202) 319-5050
  • Non-affiliated Visitor: If the behavior involves a visitor to the campus, report to DPS, (202) 319-5111